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Another unnamed girl

Some time ago, when I used to be on Tumblr, I found this picture. I didn’t save it on my hard drive, but just favourited it. Then when I deleted my account, I lost all my favourites and I haven’t been able to find this picture anymore, because I didn’t know the name of this girl. Now I still don’t know who she is, but at last I’ve found her again and I’ve decided to show you this incredible beauty.

Unnamed girl from Tumblr

Unnamed girl from Tumblr

I still haven’t saved this picture on my hard drive. My drive is already hard: it may be unhealty for him to get harder.

Olga O from MetArt

Olga O from MetArt

Olga O from MetArt

She has natural perfect tits, a perfect body, a sight full of life and such a smooth skin that deserves to be kissed all day. How can one resist?

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Caption this!

Seriously, I don’t know how to title this picture.

When I first saw this photo, a deep sense of WTF-ness pervaded me. What do you think is weirder, the picture itself or the photographer who took it?

If you have a caption for it, or if you just want to share your thoughts about the weirdness of this picture, leave a comment below!

Umbrella please, Cytherea is squirting!

Doctors say squirting is real, but in most porn movies it seems pornstars are just peeing. Well, I think that some girls get so excited that during the orgasm they discharge the excess of vaginal liquid, but I don’t think they can produce a fountain of squirt!

Cytherea is one of that girls that can make a squirt fountain. Does she squirt for real? I don’t know but:

  1. If she does, girls can really squirt like fountains and I am wrong;
  2. If she doesn’t, she is a excellent actress and she makes everyone believe she’s having a super-exciting orgasm;
  3. She could have such intense orgasms to the point that she can’t hold any longer and she just pees herself.

Real or fake, for sure you will get horny watching her movies. So, here you are two of them!

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