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Taiwanese sex

Asian sex is always exciting. And it’s even better if it’s high quality amateur!

Tickling her pussy with a feather results in fabulous contractions

Thanks to Erotic Ballet for this awesome gem. It’s incredible how hot are those natural pussy contractions!

Tickled clit to orgasm

A guy brushes a woman’s clit and pussy with a soft fluffy white feather. At 1:00 she cums, showing lovely contractions.


Resolution: so so. Lighting is infra-red (no color), poor but adequate. The man successfully reminds her not to move her pussy out of the frame when she cums. Maybe he learned from another video, probably by the same couple, where a paint brush was used, but she bucked out of frame when she came.

What real sex looks like #2

After a good dose of real sex, here is another video of some nice amateur couple.

There’s anything better than a tight, inexperienced pussy fucked by an overexcited dick, all in the best real-love atmosphere.

Sex addicted

Sex addicted

Sex addicted

I was surfing the net and I’ve found a collection of images titled something like “hairy girl”. I thought it was a collection of pictures of mixed girls, but I misread the title. I read “hairy girls“.

Instead of getting a bunch of random pictures, I realised that they were 642 pictures of the same girl!

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What real sex looks like

If you are used to watch porn videos, well, don’t think that what you see is what real sex looks like.

I don’t like those hardcore videos where pornstars get fucked hard by giant dicks: they simply don’t reflect real life. Real sex is something more sensual — and believe me, more exciting —, but what’s more important, it involves love and complicity. And love is what you feel from these two videos.

This first couple really seems enjoying it — above all she has the best breasts I’ve ever seen… If you concentrate, you can smell their love.

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