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Ella is “intimate”

Image: Ella from FemJoy in

Ella from FemJoy in “Intimate”

She is Ella, from Femjoy, in the photoset “Intimate”.

Ella is mysterious and fascinating. She is a beautiful girl who deserves to be featured on my blog.

Femjoy describes her with a long series of adjectives:

Voluptuous, charming, seductive, provocative, natural,  stimulating, teasing, lascivious, explicit, sweet, nice, erotic, exciting, sensual, naughty, inspiring, beautiful, gorgeous, vibrant, sexy, cute, pure, healthy, immaculate, happy, self-confident, dazzling, amazing, lovely, pretty, pleasant.

They have forgotten one thing: she has one of the best pussies out there. Hairy —you know I like them hairy —, but perfectly trimmed. A model pussy, that’s it.

Enjoy some more pictures!

Image: Ella from FemJoy, in Image: Ella from FemJoy, in Image: Ella from FemJoy, in

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