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Her first orgasm

She claims this is her first orgasm ever. I don’t mind if it’s true, but this is surely one of the hottest orgasms ever.

Credits for the ultra-detailed description go to EroticBallet, whose site really deserves to be visited.


And we get to see it! Here is a cute slim 18 year old sweetly shy Gabby, who has had only one boyfriend (starting at 15 and a half!). Neither she (not much privacy at her home) nor her boyfriend have ever managed to give her an orgasm. (I’ll bet he cums quick!) She is doing a video for BubbleGirls, run by a guy whose expertise is giving girls orgasms by rubbing their clits very gently and slowly, finger fucking them, using vibrators, etc. (See this other BubbleGirls clip.) We only see his hands (he does not have sex with them — at least in his videos). Yes, he succeeds in giving her her first ever orgasm, then her second, third …. to at least fifteen! Man, this poor girl needed to cum badly!



After a 2 min interview, he starts examining her body and having her undress. First he admires her gorgeous C breasts. They discuss whether she will know it if she does have an orgasm — they think she will. He strokes her pussy thru her panties and admires her butt. He complements her on being sultry, for someone who has never had an orgasm. “You can pop my orgasm cherry!” she smiles.

At 8:45, he begins gently teasing her clit. We have a clear view of her pussy, anus, and face.


Starting shortly after 11 min she starts sighing a little and we see some nice contractions of excitement in her pussy and anus. There are a few editing cuts so this probably went on much longer than shown. He is patient with this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity! At 13:40 she closes her eyes, arches a bit, breathes heavily, and looks like she’s cumming. But wait, at 16, she says she’s getting so close but hasn’t cum yet! Minutes 17-18 she is really excited and thrusting her hips.

Around 19, he starts rubbing her G spot. They discuss it is OK if she pees on him — it makes her feel like she has to — but it feels good. REALLY good. By 20:30 she is panting heavily. Her intensity increases over the next few minutes, looking like she is right on the edge over and over. She is moaning aloud for the first time, arching her neck back, closing her eyes, grunting. And at 22:20, the glorious first ever orgasm sweeps her face. It must feel electric to her as it floods her body! (Only her face is shown and anyway his hand is blocking view of her pussy.)


He keeps rubbing her G spot, but now she looks much more relaxed. At 25:20, she smiles broadly, a little shyly, and says she thinks she did have her first orgasm (I’m guessing at 22:20). She feels all shaky.


He has her get into doggie position. He does fast G spot rubbing and it sure looks to me like she’s cumming every minute, at 27:20, 28:20, and 29:20! Great calm relaxed smiles afterwards. At 30 she admits there were a couple of good ones in there!

Around 31:30 he tries fingering her anus. They discuss how she might be able to cum this way. She has never had anal sex. They discuss sanitation and thank goodness he is careful not to put his anal finger into her vagina. He repeatedly asks if he’s hurting her and she says no. He has her rub her clit while he uses one finger in her anus, and another in her vagina. She doesn’t do much rubbing, or need to: at 35:25 she cums again!

At 36, he tries triple action: one finger in each hole and his thumb rubbing her clit. Yep, it works, at 36:50 she cums again! “Now you just pop them off like a matter of course” he offers. She giggles.

She tells how her boobs grew out between her freshman and sophomore year. At 39 he gets out a large blue vibrator dildo. Gradually, gently, he works it in deep. “Its not too deep, is it?” “Hunh-unh”.  He does some fast dildo fucking, trying a couple of angles, and she cums nicely at 43:30.


46:30 looks like another orgasm. Then he fingers her anus and at 48:20 she seems to cum again. He strokes her clit gently. It makes her pussy contract and squeeze out pussy juice.


She notices that her hands are all tingly. Another orgasm at 51:10 — we see only her face, not sure what he’s doing. And another at 51:50 — wow he’s sure got her going! Another at 53! At 54:15 he gets out a pocket rocket vibrator. She has never tried a vibrator. Clear juice streams out of her pussy and it twitches now and then. At 55 she starts cumming to the vibrator and finally we get to see beautiful pussy contractions. “Holy shit, that feels so good” she says as he continues vibrating her clit relentlessly. She gets shaky. More clear juice streams out. “I feel like I’m gonna pee”. At 58 it looks like she pushes his hand away (because she’s gonna pee?) but he persists and at 58:05 she squirts! And cums! More squirting at 58:20. Then she starts gushing continuously. “Am I peeing or what?” she gasps.


At 59, she has an intense grunting orgasm, laughs, and says “No more!”. But he persists with the vibrator on her clit, and another one at 59:30. “No more, no more!” she says pushing his hand away. He finally lays off. She apologizes for peeing all over him. He thinks it is the single hottest scene he ever shot. She says the vibrator gave her the best ones. She is not sore but very sensitive. She can’t stop smiling — she had such a good time.

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    how can i download the film? it isnt downloading from that link.

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