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Sex addicted

Sex addicted

Sex addicted

I was surfing the net and I’ve found a collection of images titled something like “hairy girl”. I thought it was a collection of pictures of mixed girls, but I misread the title. I read “hairy girls“.

Instead of getting a bunch of random pictures, I realised that they were 642 pictures of the same girl!

Now I’m saying myself, one should be really sex addicted to take 642 (yes, six hundred forty-two) pictures of herself naked or while having sex with her boyfriend.

At least she has a very nice pussy, so you will find all of the 642 pictures below.

A little remark: if you are the owner of those pics and you want them removed, just tell me and I will delete this post immediately. But please note that I got them from, so be advised that they are already circulating all over the net.

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  2. 5/6/2014 | 8:06 am Permalink

    I’m not the owner of those pics, but still I want u to remove it at the soonest time possible and if ever the owner herself will pursue displaying her nude pictures in this site please refrain from embedding it in the net.

    We are not addicted to sex unlike u and so it was so annoyance to me in watching this, Maybe you can advise me to close or skip this immediately if ever this will always appear in my screen but if nobody will advise u to stop it.. Rape, prostitution and human trafficking will still go on.

    • 5/6/2014 | 9:40 pm Permalink

      1) I can remove those pictures, but I’ve found them on another very popular site, so they are already wide spread.
      2) As the style of those pics suggests, she seems to be interested in spreading them.
      3) I’m not sex addicted, unlike most of my audience. As you may have seen from the other posts, I’m against the rudeness 90% of porn displays. The rare times I post something “rude” it’s in an ironic way, because I don’t find anything good in it.
      4) I’m against rape, prostitution and human trafficking and my blog isn’t promoting them in any way, unlike many other sites, even famous ones.
      Lastly, I’m very open to talk, so feel free to reply, either publicly or privately.

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