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This is a unusual post for this blog. Actually this isn’t a review blog or similar, but it isn’t also a no-soul blog, because everything I post is something I like and I want to share. So I’m going to review a service that is legit and worth to check out.

You may know what a url shortener is. You may also know that some of them pay you everytime someone clicks on your shortened link. But here is the hassle: the vast majority of them doesn’t allow links to adult content. And here comes in your help!

As of today, I only know one link shortener that allows adult content: I used to use it for a while in the past. I was satisfied, but then I discovered and I can only suggest you to use this one instead of linkbucks. There are two reasons why I’m saying this (and trust me, they’re enough).

First. Their payouts are the highest on the market. Let’s do a quick comparison between‘s highest paying countries and the same countries for linkbucks.*

United Kingdom $2.50 $1.60
Russian Federation $2.50 $0.75
Switzerland $2.40 $0.75
Germany $2.40 $1.55
Tunisia $2.20 $0.22

As you can see, not only has a higher payout, but also they pay a lot for lower quality countries!

Second. They pay on time. That means they are not scam. And that’s the most important thing, because there are too many scammers out there.

I’d like to say one last thing. All the links to in this page are referral-free. Also the banner on top of each page of this blog is. It means that I don’t earn a cent if you register, once you follow that links. That’s a way to say this is a honest review and the service really works.

If you have any questions on this article, feel free to leave a comment below. If you have any questions on the service itself, please ask them for support: I don’t work for them!

* Payout rates updated 23/05/2012.

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