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Pee is stored in the balls

Ok, so I don’t know who might really think that pee gets stored in the balls. For sure, the girl in this video (who can’t have balls) has a turbo compressor in her oversized bladder…

Taiwanese sex

Asian sex is always exciting. And it’s even better if it’s high quality amateur!

Tickling her pussy with a feather results in fabulous contractions

Thanks to Erotic Ballet for this awesome gem. It’s incredible how hot are those natural pussy contractions!

Tickled clit to orgasm

A guy brushes a woman’s clit and pussy with a soft fluffy white feather. At 1:00 she cums, showing lovely contractions.


Resolution: so so. Lighting is infra-red (no color), poor but adequate. The man successfully reminds her not to move her pussy out of the frame when she cums. Maybe he learned from another video, probably by the same couple, where a paint brush was used, but she bucked out of frame when she came.

Fit for Mud — WTF-ness never stops

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

— Albert Einstein

Ok, it’s a little bit strong to judge people’s fetishes. But getting aroused watching a guy having a boner in the mud…

Let’s see it this way: I don’t get it. It’s funny anyways. And I’m with his poor wife who has to clean up all of his mess.

(I’m ironic, I don’t even think he has a wife.)

Orgasm worth a heart attack

It all starts with a dildo in some sort of room with wooden walls. The masturbation goes on and the guy who is filming feels like his incredibly huge hammer — don’t be fooled by what you see: the video is streched vertically — can’t wait any longer. And then the blowjob starts. But suddendly he realizes that her pussy is not crystal clear, so he starts an accurate vacuum-cleaning process, with some G-spot stimulation to produce some natural soap. Once he makes her pussy shine, it’s time to fuck her. And then the best part: an orgasm worth an oscar (or a heart attack?).